What the Tofu!?!

Baseball has taken over two nights of the week for months, anyone who has active kiddos can relate when I say – “I just want to have dinner before 9:30pm.” I always feed my kids an hour before they need to be at practice and I’m just not hungry at that point to eat dinner at 4:30 so I will usually grab some almonds or sit-up veggies to snack on at that time. During summer league we had some super sweet moms who would order pizza for the boys to enjoy during late nights even though in the back of my head I would hope my kids were not hungry and pass. Wishful thinking but grateful for the kindness and it stopped my kids from getting home hangry and having to deal with that. When we get home, do showers and our bedtime routine it’s close to 9:30pm and I’m starving.

So what is a girl to do? Well I just happened to have some tofu in the fridge along with broccoli and some diced onion from the night before. Before I go into how I prepared and made my yummy quick dinner some of you might be asking “what the – tofu?” Tofu in my opinion gets a bad rep, I mean honestly it’s so easy to flavor, cooks up fast and packed full of protein. I buy the Trader Joes organic sprouted tofu (extra firm). Other fun facts about tofu is that not only is it a good source of protien it also contains all eight essential amino acids, iron and magnesium.

Ok, ok enough about the nutrients lets get down to how I whipped up this yummy healthy meal in 12min.

Tofu *extra firm
Diced onion
EVOO *extra virgin olive oil
Trader Joes organic sriracha and garlic roasted BBQ sauce

1. Grab your sauté pan put in a tbs of EVOO throw in your diced tofu and broccoli on med-hig
2. After about 5 min add in your onion and garlic
3. 5min later drizzle in some BBQ sauce keep on heat for another 2min
4. Serve it up!

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