Making time to workout

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This last week I started a new job and with every new job comes a shuffle in your routine. For the last three years I would workout on my lunch break very consistently. This morning I woke up at 6:20am and headed to the gym, showered up and got to work. While I was setting my alarm the night before I was dreading the idea of getting up but I actually woke up before my alarm went off. I got up right away without giving a thought about how I could lay in bed longer.

A few ways I set myself up for success and to avoid hitting the snooze button:

1. Lay out your gym clothes and shoes the night before (for leg day I wear the NANO 7 from Reebok shoes)FREE shipping with code: GETMOVING
2. Pack your work clothes, make-up, hair and shower stuff the night before
3. Set your alarm and place what ever device your using for the alarm somewhere you have to physically get up to turn it off

Making time to workout is a priority for me I will always find the time because IT’S IMPORTANT!!! I had turned down multiple lunch invites from co-workers and yes even my boss because I chose to go to the gym on my lunch. That is where I was making time to workout – well was. Now I’m finding my new routine with taking a new job. Currenlty I’m testing making time to workout in the morning before I head into the office. One of my driving factors for this test is to avoid getting stuck in morning traffic.

Walking into that gym early in the morning I was ready to power out one hell of a leg day. These legs have been on a little break since I was letting my hip heal so today I was more than ready to put them to work.

I hope you enjoy this leg workout as much as I did and continue to make time for your workouts no matter what day of the week it is.

1. Smith Machine Squats legs shoulder width apart 10reps
followed immediately with
2. Smith Machine Narrow Squats legs together 10reps
followed immediately with
3. Smith Machine Calf Raises 15-20reps
REPEAT (1-3) 4X
4. Smith Machine Rotating Lunges 10reps each leg  REPEAT 3x
5. Dumbbell Lifted weighted ass to grass squats 10reps
followed immediately with
6. Good Mornings 10reps
REPEAT (5-6) 3x (see instagram video for visual)
7. Leg Extension 12reps REPEAT 4x
8. 20 min cardio



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