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Can you believe that this is the last week of February, where did the month go? At the end of each month it’s nice to reflect…

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Yoga Beginner

Hot Yoga Journey This last week I somehow injured my hip talk about inconvienent. I will be the first to admit I’m not a religious stretcher…

Healthy Regimen Lifestyle


TRAINING FOR AN END GOAL Have you thought about running a 5K? 10k? Half marathon? Full marathon? What about joining a non-profit, co-ed sports team, or…

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Healthy Regimen Lifestyle

Collagen Benefits

Collagen, is it important? I really had no clue about collagen and its importance until about a year ago. I started seeing marketing around a couple…

Fashion Lifestyle

Valentine Gift Guide

Here is a quick Valentines Guide that might make your guy’s shopping a little easier this year. Buying clothes for someone is no easy task but…

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Football Sunday Foodies

Like so many others, Sundays September through February are reserved for football. This means that your tv, radio and your husband’s twitter feed on his phone…

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Lifestyle Mommyhood

Bubba’s home workout

My oldest son Christian, who is also known as Bubba, is enamored with his daddy’s strength. I won’t lie, sometimes I feel a little slighted at…

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Lifestyle Recipes

Gluten Free Quiche

We use a ton of eggs in our house for breakfast (scrambled), snack (hard-boiled), and even dinner (quiche). What I enjoy about eggs is that they…